Hi, I’m Melanie

I was born in Müllheim, Germany, in the southern foothills of the Black Forest.
Creating images has been my passion since I learned how to hold a crayon.
Today I use my camera to capture the beauty surrounding me on my travels through time and space.


My education in photography consists of a 3 year apprenticeship in advertising and product photography at Fotodesign Nielsen, a 6 months internship at Momentum Studio Brisbane and years of traveling and experimenting.

I bring with me a vast experience covering all the technical aspects of digital photography and retouching, which I gathered during more than a decade of working with and for diversified and amazing photographers on two continents. (Thanks to Peter Nielsen, Florian Bilger, Arno Kohlem, Kai Wudke, Eric Victor, Alex Buckingham, Alan Jensen, Sheree Burke and David Walden, Peter Gibney, Alfonso Calero and the photographers at Advanced Life)

Drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you!

Currently available for freelance photography, retouching and assisting in the greater Melbourne area.


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